Common Types Of Nursing Shoes

There are many available nursing shoes on the market. However, they can be broken down into four main types that are used commonly by nurses. Each type has their specific features as well as benefits. They include casual shoes, clogs, athletic sneakers, and crocs. In this post, we will give you a look at the differences between each shoe in order to help you choose the best nursing shoes for you.

best shoes for nurses



These shoes are well known for their protective design, heel support, as well as the comfort they give users. They are designed with a closed toe, an optional rear strap, and an open back design. With this design, they help prevent you from slipping off.

Many clogs also feature to protect your toes, improve slip resistance, and support the heel. Clogs may be made of many materials as leather, resin or suede. Each material has a different work function for stain resistance, weight or durability.


Crocs are normally made of a solid foam resin material. They are designed with an open or low-level heel and a closed vented air portal in front of the shoes. Besides, they have also an optional rear strap as clogs.

They come with top or side vents so that your foot can breathe comfortably. However, some of them are designed with no vent for nurses so as to prevent spills and germs. Because crocs are made of foam and resin material so you will get the maximal comfort. Also, these materials are easy to conform the foot of wearers.

Moreover, crocs are famous for their medical benefits and their durability. Depending on the medical facility where you are working, choose shoes with a closed toe design or no exposed air vents to fit their requirement.

Tennis/ Athletic Shoes

They are ideal for those who always move and make contact with hard surfaces as nurses. Tennis shoes provide a nice balance between performance and comfort to protect your feet. You know, many medical facilities have hard floors. Thus, you will be difficulty when moving. Tennis shoes are made to resolve this problem.

Tennis/Althetic shoes are normally lightweight with a shock absorption design. They ensure to give you the comfort and flexibility. Wearing these shoes, you can also reduce pressure on your foot.

They come with many benefits such as memory foam insoles, ultra lightweight materials, slip-on or laceless entry, ankle support, and super grip outer soles.

Casual Sneakers

For this type, we have many choices including both slip-ons, walking shoes and any shoe as long as it’s designed for comfortable activities. They generally have a flat. Although they are suitable for walking, not all are perfect for traveling long distances on foot. These shoes are one of the best shoes for nurses, especially for those who are fashionable.


In conclusion, we have just mentioned four common types of shoes for nurses. Each type has their pros and cons. Finally, choose the right shoes to suit for your health condition, personal style, and foot type.

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